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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Security System

Installing a security system is more affordable than most people realize. In this article, we’ll look at typical price ranges, as well as other factors that could affect the cost of installation.

Nest security camera
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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Security System

The average system costs about $700 to install. Particularly small or simple systems could cost less than $100, while larger systems may cost more than $2000. This price reflects the cost for standard facilities, such as homes and small businesses, but not large buildings.

Types of Alarm Systems

There are many different types of alarm systems and installation processes, all of which impact your home security system installation cost. In this section, we’ll go over the differences between each security systems’ installation costs. The cost of home security system parts has come down over time, making it more affordable for average buyers.

Monitored vs. Unmonitored

Unmonitored security systems are entirely automatic and send a notification to owners when they detect a qualifying security event. They do not alert the police or private security services, so it would be up to you to call for help. This is generally considered the worst of the two options because if you can’t respond to the notification, you may not be able to get any help at all.

Monitored security systems will contact the police or emergency services on your behalf. Despite the name, most monitored systems do not have one person watching for indicators. Instead, they may contact emergency services automatically and flag one of many operators who can get a report and talk with emergency services to provide more information.

Monitored systems are generally more effective than unmonitored systems, but they’re also more expensive and typically have, at minimum, monthly fees as part of their home security installation cost.

Wireless vs. Hardwired

Hardwired security systems usually tap into something like a telephone line to provide consistent monitoring. This has been a popular choice for decades, in part because of its lower cost compared to other solutions. However, hardwired systems are less popular these days because criminals can stop them by cutting the wire they run through.

Wireless security systems are more expensive than hardwired ones, but they also have the benefit of sending more information, and faster, than landline systems. Most wireless systems are also significantly easier to install. That said, they are vulnerable to both hacking and signal interference.

On average, most consumers prefer wireless security systems. However, individual factors can change which type of security system is best for your house. For example, if you have a landline that’s protected from external interference, a hardwired system may be much harder to shut down.

If you aren’t sure which type of security system installation is best for your house, contact your local protection company and ask to talk to an expert. If you have an unusual building, you can also ask for an estimate that will determine how much does security system cost to install.

DIY vs. professional installation

Can you install your own security system? Yes. DIY installation is most suitable for small, simple security systems that don’t have any complex parts, hookups, or special requirements. For example, if you have a security system that only needs to be plugged into a wall socket and installed above a door, you may be able to do this entirely on your own.

As the nature of DIY suggests, this method has a minimal financial cost, though you may need to buy or borrow any tools you don’t already have. You are also responsible for any problems with the installation, so you may not be covered if your security system fails to work.

Professional installation is best for complex setups. This could involve running wires throughout the house, installing and programming a control panel, or linking multiple systems together. Professional installation is also helpful when you need to secure a large area, such as all of a home instead of a single door or window.

This installation method is more expensive than doing it yourself but typically comes with a service guarantee. Professional installers can also change installation methods as needed; for example, if you cannot screw anything into the walls, they can use glue, clamps, or other strategies to fix each component in place.

Equipment costs and installation fees

Equipment costs and installation fees are not the same things. Most companies charge for these separately, in part because some buyers prefer to install the systems themselves.

While equipment costs vary based on the number of things you need to set building security systems for, most people spend $300 to $1200 on equipment, sirens, sensors, and a control panel. Additional equipment like cameras or smart home systems can drive this price up further, though if you already own a smart home control unit, other parts may be ready to integrate with that right away.

Installation fees also vary, but as we mentioned earlier, you could spend anywhere from $100 to $2000 for a medium-sized home. Taken together, the real price range of installation ranges from $400 to $3000. The cost of alarm system installation is usually low for each door and window; other alarms tend to be more expensive. A retailer can help you learn more about alarm systems prices.

How much does it cost to install a security camera system? It costs about $1200 for four cameras and the control systems, as well as the installation itself. This is not the same thing as regular security systems, which often use other types of sensors and alarms. Your security system installation cost may vary.

Home Security Camera

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Additional Fees

Additional fees are any costs outside of the normal price for installing a security system. Here are the most common costs.

Monitoring costs

Monitoring costs are a periodic fee (usually monthly, sometimes yearly) for your security system. Most people pay somewhere between $10 and $70 per month. Some companies charge a flat fee while others price based on which services you ask for. These are required for any monitored security system you install, so be sure to budget for this cost.

Activation fee

Activation fees are not the same thing as installation fees. These cover the time and labor involved with connecting a new home to a monitored network, and prices can range from free to $200. Do not look solely at the activation fees when deciding which company to hire for monitoring services. If the company doesn’t have a fee, it may have higher monthly costs or hidden fees.

Panic button

Panic buttons are extra components for security systems that send alerts to security companies or your local police department when pressed. These are most common when you worry about being able to reach the main panel while an intruder is in the house. Panic buttons cost about $30 each, and homes often have several of them placed in different rooms.


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