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Why You Should Install a Fire Sprinkler

Installing a fire sprinkler system in your small business can help save lives and reduce property damage if there’s a fire.

Reasons to Install a Fire Sprinkler

Fire sprinklers aren’t just for stores and schools. Many people have started installing sprinklers in their small businesses.

That’s because a fire that is both detected early and quickly contained or put out by a sprinkler system will do less damage to the building. And a fire that is contained doesn’t block exits or trap people in rooms. Most business sprinklers can detect heat within a minute, meaning that your sprinkler system may have the fire out while the fire department is still on the way.

If you decide to install a sprinkler system for your small business, call your insurance provider. It’s possible that you may save on your home insurance policy.

The Truth About Fire Sprinklers For Small Businesses

A common misconception is that when one fire sprinkler activates, all of the sprinklers in the business will begin to spray water. This isn’t true. Only the sprinkler above the fire will activate. If the fire spreads, sprinklers will respond to the heat in their immediate area. And if you’re worried about a burned meal in the lunch room setting off the sprinklers, you can rest easy. Fire sprinklers react to heat, not smoke, so they don’t have as many false alarms as smoke detectors.

Another common concern is the amount of water damage that a sprinkler system will cause during a fire. When compared to the water damage caused by the vast amount of water from fireman hoses, the cost is small. Smoke and flames also cause much more damage if left to burn through your business. Consider it better to use a small amount of water to put out the fire and protect your office instead of leaving the fire to spread where it can cause even more damage.

If your office décor is the reason holding you back, many fire sprinklers are now designed for residential buildings, making them perfect for small businesses as well. The sprinklers are concealed in ceiling plates or even in pendants. You may have to move paintings or furniture around the office so your fire sprinklers aren’t blocked but that is a small price to pay for the added safety.


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