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What Security System Should I Get For My Business

Security systems have become a valuable asset to almost every business around. These systems contain technology that not only prevents breaks-ins and shoplifters, but it also is a way to manage your entire business.

Companies need to know that their business is secured at all time. Whether the doors are open and customers are roaming around, or it’s the middle of the night, having a security system allows you to keep a close eye on everything happening in your building. Enhance the security of your building by installing a security system.

Use our following guide to help you decide on the best security system for businesses.

How to Choose the Best Security System For Your Business

When deciding on what is the best security camera system, you want to take into account multiple factors. Not every security system is the same, just like not every business requires the same security system. Here are four main factors to consider.


The first thing to consider is your budget. How much are you willing to spend on a  system for your company? The more features you get with your system, the more you’ll end up spending.

Consider how much space you have to cover. How many cameras would you need so you can see every corner of the building? Do you want motion sensors and sirens? Spend some time researching the available features before making a decision. What you want and what you need could be two different things.

Wi-Fi Compatibility

The option for Wi-Fi compatibility greatly increases the convenience of a security system. Before, companies had to deal with hiding wires and cords that connected their system. However, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options, connecting a security system is quite easy.

Having this option allows you to transmit the security footage to your phone or other smart devices, allowing you to have live footage of what’s happening. As convenient as this feature is, it will boost the price of a security system.

Recording Resolution

What minimum resolution do you want of the footage? Ideally, the footage from a security system should be high-quality, including night vision too. If you need to refer to the videos from the cameras, the quality should be good enough that you can see what is happening on screen.

On average, the resolution of a decent security system between 420p and 1080p. Consider the size of the building you’re monitoring. If you need a camera to see far away, you’ll want to invest in a high resolution. For security systems used at night, a higher resolution quality is necessary (even considering infrared LEDs is a better option).

Recurring Fees

If you’ve found the perfect security system, check with the company to see if there are any recurring fees. Not every system is a one-time purchase. Many companies charge a monthly recording, maintenance, storage, or customer service fee. Pay attention to the hidden fees that could cost you more in the long run.

Other Factors That Can Affect Your Decision

The factors above consider the security system and finances. However, those aren’t the only factors to consider. You also want to look at other influences like the location, crime rate, staff, customers, and indoor versus outdoor security.


Where your business is, plays a major role in your decision. If your company office is in a place that has high crime statistics, then you’ll want to spend the money on a more advanced security system.


Are you worried about what your staff does when you’re not around? Maybe you have expensive products or large amounts of money in the building that deserve extra protection. Your staff, even if though you trust them, will factor into your security system decision.


For large retail stores and buildings with complex layouts, a more high-end security system is likely a necessity. You can’t be everywhere at all times. Having a security system allows you to have eyes in every corner of the building to prevent customers from sneaking around.

Indoor or Outdoor Security

Not every indoor system is meant for the outdoors, and vice versa. For indoor security systems, look for features that include:

  • Locks on internal doors
  • Door alarms
  • Sign-in processes
  • Audio and video security systems
  • Business ID cards

For outdoor security systems, think of the following features:

  • Alarms and locks on doors and windows
  • Perimeter security lights
  • Parking lot security lights and motion sensors
  • Padlocks on any gates
  • Building intercom system
  • Video systems meant for the outdoors

Let CrownFire Find the Best Security System for You

Choosing a security system requires a lot of research before making a decision. Let a CrownFire video surveillance and security expert help you find a security system that covers every feature you’re looking for.

We offer a variety of security systems for all businesses, including:

  • Building intercom systems
  • Card access control systems
  • CCTV

Visit CrownFire or contact us today to help you find the best security system for you.


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