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What is a CO2 Fire Suppression System?

There are a number of different types of automatic fire extinguisher systems available to handle a variety of applications. A Carbon Dioxide (CO2) fire suppression system is an unmonitored system which detects the presence of a fire and quickly discharges appropriate amounts of CO2 to suppress and extinguish the fire as efficiently as possible.

CO2 fire suppression systems are a popular choice in industries where traditional fire suppression systems such as water sprinkler systems can cause serious damage to expensive and critical equipment. Examples of typical uses include heavy-power equipment, computer server rooms, ships and vessels.

These systems can be used in any application where effective fire suppression is necessary, but the costs of potential water damage either equal or outweigh the cost of the damage from the fire itself. CO2 suppression systems can also be used in other less sensitive applications where there is no readily available water source nearby for a fire sprinkler system.

Why Use CO2 to Suppress Fire?

Carbon Dioxide is a well-known fire suppressant that is widely used in the fire protection industry. CO2 fire suppression systems are very versatile systems that can offer protection from a number of different hazards. CO2 can be dispersed very quickly into an area to contain different types of hazards where the gas will effectively smother combustion that may be present.

Two of the most important benefits of using CO2 are the cost and clean nature of the gas. CO2 is readily available and affordable making it economically feasible to keep large amounts of the gas on hand for use with the suppression system. While CO2 is extremely effective at suppressing fires, it is also environmentally friendly and requires no clean-up. The gas is also non-damaging to property (including sensitive electronics) and unlike other types of chemicals or gases, CO2 leaves no residue behind.

CO2 is also non-conducive which makes it an excellent choice where electricity and electrical fires are a concern.

Finding the Right Fire Suppression System for Your Needs

Every fire protection project in Ontario is different – there are different needs, different environments to consider and a different budget. The best fire protection consultants will understand the uniqueness of every situation and take the time to find the best possible fire suppression system to meet every client’s needs. A full-service fire protection company will provide skilled and knowledgeable staff as well as expert technicians to ensure every project is a success. This includes working with insurance underwriters and local fire jurisdiction for every custom project.

In addition to designing and installing fire suppression systems, a full-service fire protection company will also provide the following services to clients:

  • Regular system inspections
  • Any necessary repairs to the system
  • Training and testing on the system
  • Scheduled maintenance

A fire suppression system is one of the most important investments you can make in protecting your business and property from fire. Speak to a respected leader in fire protection services today and discover how a CO2 fire suppression system can protect your important equipment and provide valuable peace of mind.


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