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What are Automatic Fire Protection Systems?

What is an Automatic Fire Extinguisher?

An automatic fire extinguisher is a convenient and effective alternative to traditional fire protection methods. While traditional fire extinguishers require a person to be there to operate the extinguisher, an automatic fire extinguisher can be automated to operate when specific criteria is met in the area where the system is used. The systems can be activated either by the presence of extreme heat or the presence of smoke.

The installation of a fire sprinkler system is an effective method of unmonitored fire protection that will expel water when a fire is detected. These systems are designed to contain the fire and minimize the damage caused by the fire before help can arrive. The downside of these systems is the possibility of water damage. Some companies have extremely expensive electronics and equipment which can be destroyed by water. Automatic fire extinguisher systems can provide all of the benefits of fire sprinkler systems with the additional protection against water damage. These systems employ specialized gases or dry chemicals to suppress and extinguish any fires that may occur.

Do You Need an Automatic Fire Extinguisher System?

Unmonitored fire safety systems are an excellent way to ensure safety for both people and important equipment at all times. With proper maintenance and inspections, these systems will provide peace of mind and help to minimize any damage that can occur in the case of a fire.

An automatic fire extinguisher system is an excellent choice for any application where water damage needs to be avoided at all costs. In some cases (especially with smaller fires or very expensive electronics equipment) the cost of water damage can be more extensive than the damage caused by the fire itself. Automatic fire extinguisher systems are very reliable, efficient and affordable fire suppression systems that completely eliminate water damage in the case of a fire.

In order to use a fire sprinkler system, there must be a reliable water source close to the system. This can limit the areas where these systems can be used. Automatic fire extinguisher systems use gases or dry chemicals which are stored within the system itself.

Finding the Best Fire Suppression System for Your Needs

It is easy to see how an automatic fire extinguisher system can provide effective unmonitored fire suppression and extensive fire protection for expensive equipment.

There are a number of different types of systems available to ensure you can find the system that is perfect for your specific needs. These include a variety of pre-designed systems for many common applications as well as the ability to design custom systems that can handle the most unique applications.

To ensure the best possible experience with your fire suppression system, choose a respected leader in the industry to help find the best solution for your specific needs, budget and schedule for the project. Choose a company with a history of excellent customer service including expert staff and technicians to handle the setup of your system as well as all inspections and maintenance of the system going forward. The top fire protection companies will use the latest technologies to provide the best possible fire prevention solution that is tailored for every single customer.

Discover the benefits of using an automatic fire extinguisher system to protect your Industrial, Commercial, Retail or restaurant business today.


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