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Kitchen Fire Suppression System Inspection Video

Virtually any business can benefit from a comprehensive fire safety approach that includes sprinklers, extinguishers, and alarm systems. However, commercial kitchens and restaurants need to be particularly vigilant about fires, so in addition, fire suppression is a common technique used for kitchen applications.

Suppressants work by using cooling and saponification, a process that uses alkali to bind with cooking fats. These two actions suppress deadly grease fires, which are all too common in kitchens. Heat sensors on the cooking equipment sense fire and activate wet chemicals to suppress the fire while simultaneously turning off the heat source. Systems protect various parts of the cooking equipment (i.e., the range hood, grease removal devices, ducts, etc) and provide a safer environment for workers.

Kitchen suppressant systems should be custom designed, installed, and frequently inspected by fire safety professionals. Contact a company specializing in fire safety about fire suppression system inspection and safeguard your commercial kitchen.

Fire Suppression System Inspection

Kitchens are particularly vulnerable to fires, so it’s important that they be protected by various types of fire safety equipment. One of the most effective systems for keeping grease fires from spreading is the fire suppression system. This apparatus uses wet chemicals to douse flaming cooking fats with alkali, rendering them harmless. Cooling is another component of most systems, as is an automatic shutdown of the heat source.

System Maintenance

Because these systems are complex, it’s important to check, maintain, and repair them regularly. The best choice for maintenance of these machines is a company that specializes in fire safety. Remember to record each time the equipment is serviced and book frequent tests to ensure that the system is working well.

Work with fire safety experts about fire suppression system inspections to keep your kitchen safe.

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