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Fire Sprinkler Systems Requirements in Ontario Video

The Ontario building code sets standards for many aspects of construction, including the installation of fire sprinkler systems in both commercial and residential buildings. Sprinkler systems are one of the most effective ways of reducing property damage and preventing death in the event of fire. Because sprinklers react quickly to heat, and because they pinpoint the fire’s location and activate in that area alone, sprinklers sometimes contain a fire before a building’s residents become aware that anything is happening. And new technologies are making sprinkler systems more effective than ever before.

Before installing a sprinkler system, talk to a fire safety expert about options available to you. Companies who deal daily with these types of systems can help you to customize sprinklers, alarms, emergency lights, and more for your organization.

Stay safe! Contact a company specializing in fire sprinkler system and fire safety in Ontario today!

Fire Sprinkler Systems in Ontario

Sprinkler systems have been standard for commercial buildings for many years, and they’ve also become popular recently for new homeowners. But if you own an older commercial property, you may want to explore the idea of retrofitting it with a sprinkler system.

Retrofitting an Older Building

There are a few factors to take into consideration: for one, if your business is operating from the commercial building, construction may be disruptive to your employees and customers. Cost can also be a factor, particularly if there are physical obstacles to installation.

On the other hand, fire can very quickly ravage a building and cause injury or even death to occupants. Sprinkler systems work quickly to reduce the damage done by fire and save lives. Talk to a fire safety specialist about your retrofit. It may be the best investment you ever make.

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