Fire Extinguisher Training

CrownFire also offers a comprehensive fire extinguisher training program for your employees. The training includes hands-on instruction of the proper use and application of portable fire extinguishers.

Our training programs can be set up and customized to your company needs and availability. Our expert trainers have the knowledge and experience when it comes to fire-fighting products. The experience will be highly informative, easy-to-follow, and educational.

After the activity, you and your employees will know how to use your fire protection equipment safely and properly. The program also includes a written test that will help with your ISO 9000 and other quality and safety-oriented programs. Our fire extinguisher training is Laser-Driven, which is the safest type of training available.

Benefits of Laser-Driven Fire Extinguisher Training Program

It is a portable, OSHA-certified fire extinguisher training that you can organize anywhere and anytime. It is an advanced laser-driven training system that is convenient not only for you but for your entire staff.

It allows you to conduct the training in any location and in any environment. It also gives your employees a real-life simulation on how to handle a fire extinguisher properly. They will also experience extinguishing fire within their actual work setting, such as within their office, hallway, stock room or fabrication area. It is a comprehensive training experience that is safe and mess-free.

It is a time-saving training program that doesn’t require cleaning up after, compared to using real fire extinguishers. Aside from that, the system allows you to train more staff in little time. A lot of businesses already go for this type of training because it is also cost-saving. Training your employees is made simpler with the laser-driven fire extinguisher training.

Fire Extinguisher Training Inclusions

  • 30 to 45 minutes lecture
  • Topics include permits, fuel types, types of fire extinguishers
  • Hands on use of fire extinguisher
  • Certificate of completion
  • Complete training equipment and accessories:
    • Laser Extinguishers
    • iPad Control and Scenario Customization
    • Roster Management App
    • Transport Case
    • Tamper Seals

Features of CrownFire’s Training Program

Clean Training

Our training program uses laser technology to simulate a realistic fire extinguisher performance. It eliminates the use of a dry-chemical fire extinguisher.It is also safe for the environment. It doesn’t leave any smoke residue in the atmosphere.

Safe Training

No more real flames that exposes your facility to fire risks. The system uses digital flames that the trainees will extinguish using a laser-driven fire extinguisher. It is a dynamic and realistic training that is OSHA-compliant, without the dangers connected to traditional fire extinguisher training.

Realistic Training

Our system is able to simulate class A, B and C fires at ten difficulty levels. It can detect if the trainee is operating the laser extinguisher correctly. The aim of the trainee, sweeping movement and distance from the fire will be monitored by the system and the digital flame will react accordingly. At the end of the simulation, the system will record the performance of the user. This ensures trainees are prepared in case of a real fire emergency. This intelligent sensor technology is now being used worldwide.

Train Anywhere

Since a laser fire extinguisher is used, your training can be conducted anywhere, outside the facility or indoors. With this technology, training can be facilitated anytime and in any environment. It is no longer a problem to train indoors, in the work setting where employees may encounter a fire hazard.

Train Fast

Complete and self-contained training system allows the trainer to manage the entire system in just one hand-held controller like an iPad. The fire extinguisher batteries are very long-lasting allowing all of your employees to be trained in a single day without needing any recharging.

Trackable Training

After each successful session, the time it took to extinguish the fire is displayed on the monitor. It can collect training record fast, allowing trainers to easily monitor a trainee’s progress. It also exports training records for documentation and for creating certificates of completion.

Cost Effective

The elimination of the use of traditional fire extinguishers has also removed the cost of discharging, recharging or purchasing new ones. You have everything you need in a reusable digital fire extinguisher. There’s also no need to clean a lot of mess, making it an ideal and cost-effective solution.

Each batch is limited to 20 people. However, we can accommodate as many groups as you need. Our trainers are available to meet your preferred schedule. We will also give you a quote that is within your company budget.
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