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Waterloo Fire Protection Services

Waterloo is best known for being a tech and knowledge center in Canada. It is home to BlackBerry and hundreds of tech companies as well as financial companies like Manulife Financial and Sunlife Financial. It is also where two of Canada’s top universities are located: the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and the Institute for Quantum Computing can also be found here, creating a breeding ground for today’s top thinkers. Located in Southern Ontario, Waterloo is part of Canada’s Technology Triangle or the CTT.

Fire protection system is a must for any business in Waterloo and the Greater Toronto area. It means life and death for any emergency situation. A properly installed fire protection system can protect the building and the people. CrownFire is an extensive fire protection company that covers all aspects in a system, including fire sprinklers, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers and exit and emergency lights.

Since our establishment in 1978, it has been our goal to provide quality service within schedule and reasonable price. All of our technicians are trained certified to carry out any fire protection project in accordance with local safety provisions.

Waterloo Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems combined with fire alarm and detection systems are the most efficient in keeping your building safe from fire. It is however important that they are regularly inspected and maintained for them to remain fully operational. CrownFire has the complete fire sprinkler package involving design, installation, and repair. We strictly follow the guidelines prescribed by the National Fire Protection Association or NFPA.

Waterloo Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation

Our company was founded more than 3 decades ago and we are confident to say that our sprinkler system services are top notch. Our certified team of designers and technicians can assist you in all your fire protection needs. We install fire sprinkler systems in both new and existing buildings.

Waterloo Fire Sprinkler Systems Inspection

Our competent fire safety professionals follow the required inspection procedures by the NFPA. Tests are being done periodically, at least once a year. What we do is check if there are signs of corrosion and possible cause of damage. And then, all our observations are properly documented and compiled into a report.

Waterloo Fire Sprinkler Systems Repair

Should a defect in the system happen that needs to be fixed right away, our repair crew are always ready to respond. We also have ready spare parts, allowing the quick repair of the issue.
Our quick response and quality customer service is one of the key traits that we take pride in, and the top reasons why clients keep coming back to us. Call us now for your fire sprinkler system needs.

Waterloo Fire Extinguishers

You can find a fire extinguisher in any establishment. This is because it is a critical component for keeping a building safe. It can stop the spread of fire right at its occurrence and as a result saves lives and property. We provide full fire extinguisher services from installation and inspection to maintenance and repair. We have partnered with many home and business owners in Waterloo and the Greater Toronto area.

Waterloo Fire Extinguishers Installation and Training

One fire extinguisher covers a certain area or portion of any facility; hence, you need a lot of them if you have a large complex. We know how to arrive at the required number of fire extinguishers and the type or classification that you need to use. We will not only help you with the safety of your building, but with its compliance to code as well. Our team of certified technicians know where and how to mount them. Aside from that, we can facilitate training for your employees using danger-free simulation methods.

Waterloo Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Periodic inspections of your fire extinguisher units will ensure that they are in good working condition. What we want to avoid is the malfunction of the unit when a real fire occurs. Our inspections include both visual and physical checks to thoroughly detect any possible problems.

Waterloo Fire Extinguisher Repair and Maintenance

We are prepared to repair any issues right away. Give us a call anytime and we will help you with your fire extinguisher needs.

Waterloo Fire Alarm Systems

Aside from fire sprinklers, fire alarm systems are equally just as important. It sounds an alarm to let the occupants know that there is a fire and that they need to evacuate immediately. It can also automatically activate the sprinkler system to extinguish the fire. CrownFire has been providing comprehensive fire alarm services for many years: installation, inspection, testing, maintenance and repair.

Waterloo Fire Alarm System Installation

Our team of fire alarm experts can design, install and program the entire fire alarm system. It will be done according to your building size, function and other considerable factors. We know how to employ traditional as well as modern addressable systems.

Waterloo Fire Alarm System Inspection

A minimum of yearly inspections has been required by the Fire Protection Association to check for possible hindrances in the system. Since there are many components involved, both visible and hidden, it requires someone with technical knowledge to do the inspection. Our personnel are trained with the proper inspection procedure including testing of smoke detectors, alarm panels and pull stations.

Waterloo Fire Alarm System Repair

If an issue has been discovered during installation, we will resolve them right away. Emergency repairs are a common occurrence, which is why we have personnel on stand-by to respond to emergency calls.

CrownFire specializes in fire safety and fire alarm system in Waterloo and the Greater Toronto area. Our technicians are properly trained and passed the required certification, making us a trusted name in the fire safety industry.

Contact us today and you can have a free consultation with our fire alarm team.

Waterloo Exit and Emergency Lighting

Emergency lights and exit signs are a required addition to make a fire safety system complete. They are beneficial because they maintain order in the event of an emergency evacuation. We value safety and we will help you complete all the necessary exit and emergency lighting installations to complete your system. We have handled multiple facilities in Waterloo and the Greater Toronto area. Our track record speaks quality and high standards.

Waterloo Exit and Emergency Lighting Installation

CrownFire can assist you with new installations and with additions to existing installations. Our professional team will collaborate with you, get your requirements and recommend a solution that fits your budget. We always follow the prescribed guidelines created by the NFPA. We want to make sure that we protect life and property, as well as keep you code compliant.

Exit and Emergency Lighting Inspection

Our service includes checking the different parts of exit and emergency lights, to see if everything is working properly. Our routine inspection includes check the bulbs, batteries, and fuses among others.

Exit and Emergency Lighting Repair

Should a safety issue arise after inspection and testing, we will inform you of the schedule and cost of the repair. We have ready spare parts so we can address the problem right away. We are familiar with emergency repairs, which is why we have personnel prepared to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you want to know more about having exit and emergency lighting system installed, call us to schedule an appointment.

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