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Sarnia Fire Protection Services

Also known as the Bluewater land in the region, Sarnia is the largest city in Lake Huron and the Lambton County. The natural harbor of the city caused the development of commercial shipping, and the Sarnia port is an important centre for exporting grains and petroleum products. The petroleum industry in Canada and North America started in the mid-1900s after the discovery of oil deposits in Oil Springs. Downtown Sarnia has become home to many refining chemical companies, and the area is now called Chemical Valley.

Sarnia is an ideal town to start a business. And if you are planning on it, make sure that you have applied for a fire protection system installation. This is a requirement because it will protect the building and the occupants during a fire. We at CrownFire have the resources and capacity to complete any fire protection project in Sarnia and the Greater Toronto area. Our services include fire alarm systems, exit and emergency lights, fire extinguishers and fire sprinkler systems. All of our personnel are properly certified to provide you with the fire protection system that you need, all according to the fire safety code and regulations.

Sarnia Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems are necessary in buildings for commercial, residential and industrial use. The fire sprinklers are activated when there’s sign of fire, preventing major damage to property especially if the spread of fire was stopped early. We at CrownFire install fire sprinkler systems in any building located in Sarnia and the Greater Ontario area. All of our personnel have been trained and certified to meet your fire sprinkler requirements.

Sarnia Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation

The two main types of sprinkler system are the wet pipe and the dry pipe system. We can set up any sprinkler system depending on your building type and requirements. All of materials and equipment used in our installations are top calibre. Everything is tested and checked to ensure that there’s no defect in the installation.

Sarnia Fire Sprinkler Systems Inspection

Our personnel are trained to have a keen eye when conducting an inspection of sprinkler systems, from gauges, valves to switches and alarms. They know that corrosion and other signs of damage are dangerous when left undetected and unfixed.

Sarnia Fire Sprinkler Systems Repair

Fire sprinkler defects can happen anytime, which is why we have ready technicians to handle emergency repair situations. When you call us, our repair technicians will go to you and fix the issue immediately.

Our track record and commitment to quality and safety puts your building and its occupants in good hands. Call us anytime to discuss your fire safety needs. Our staff is ready to assist you 24/7.

Sarnia Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers require regular testing and inspection if you want them to fulfill their function of protecting lives and property. A portion of our service includes installing and servicing fire extinguishers. We have been providing fire extinguishers in different weights and for different classes of fire in Sarnia and the greater Ontario area. Established in 1978, we have been distributing fire extinguishers for home and business owners. Our expertise, track record and great service has made us the top fire safety services provider for over 3 decades.

Sarnia Fire Extinguishers Installation and Training

Our installation and mounting process conforms to the guidelines of the National Fire Protection Agency. Part of our services include conducting trainings for your employees and show them the proper way to stop fire with a fire extinguisher.

Sarnia Fire Extinguisher Inspection

It would be unfortunate when an actual fire happens and a fire extinguisher didn’t discharge properly. This is why routine inspections are required, because you want to prevent unit failure in an emergency. Our team knows how to inspect the units and conduct the testing as per fire code regulations. We will ensure that you stay ahead of the problem through keeping everything in good condition.

Sarnia Fire Extinguisher Repair and Maintenance

When an issue is discovered in the process of inspection, we will look for the root cause and repair it. If deterioration has become serious, the unit will have to be replaced.

For installation or servicing of your fire extinguishers, give us a call today.

Sarnia Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems has the function of detecting fire and sounding an alarm to alert the people in a building to quickly evacuate. If a fire alarm system is poorly planned, it could put people’s lives and your property at risk. Not only is planning important, so is regular inspection and maintenance. This ensures that the system remains fully functional. CrownFire has been a provider of quality fire alarm systems in Sarnia and in the Greater Ontario area since 1978.

Sarnia Fire Alarm System Installation

Our technical professionals can design and install the different aspects involved in a fire alarm system, such as smoke detectors, pull stations, annunciators and control panels. Whether it’s a small or large complex, you can count on us to have an efficient installation from start to end.

Sarnia Fire Alarm System Inspection

Fire regulations require that fire alarm inspections are executed monthly, quarterly and yearly. Our inspection procedure includes visual inspection and testing the different components of the system. Periodic inspections don’t only maintain safety, but also keeps you code compliant.

Sarnia Fire Alarm System Repair

Our certified and trained personnel can fix any issues that affect your fire alarm system. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll send someone right away for emergency repairs.

We can take care of all your fire alarm system needs. Give us a call for a free consultation.

Sarnia Exit and Emergency Lighting

When fire or power outage occurs, adequate exit and emergency lighting will aid building occupants to safety. It will also aid them in getting out in an organized manner and prevent panic. Our company has enough experience and know-how in the installation and maintenance of exit and emergency lighting in Sarnia and the Greater Ontario area. It is our mission to make you prepared for fire and emergency situations through our standards of excellence.

Sarnia Exit and Emergency Lighting Installation

We will plan the exit and emergency lighting system for you, as well as guide you on the best type to use, how many you need and how to install them. We are confident to say that all of our installations comply with fire safety rules and regulations. If you have an old building and an obsolete system, we can upgrade it for you.

Sarnia Exit and Emergency Lighting Inspection

We have been constantly inspecting and maintaining the exit and emergency lighting of various businesses for many years. Our team of expert fire safety professionals will inspect and test your system for defects. It will maintain the good working condition of the units.

Sarnia Exit and Emergency Lighting Repair

Should there be any defect discovered in the thorough inspections, we are ready with the manpower and spare parts to resolve the problem right away.

Our professionals and technicians will assist you in every way possible to meet your fire exit and emergency lighting requirements. Call us to learn more.

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