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Niagara Falls Fire Protection Services

Niagara Falls is a stunning and must-see natural wonder in a city with the same name in Canada. It’s an unforgettable experience of seeing 150,000 gallons of water crashing down from 176 feet height. This most sought-after feature has greatly helped in the tourism and local economy. Tourism became one of the main revenue source of the city. It became even more popular than its US counterpart probably because the view from the Canada site is better. The waterfalls have also become a source of hydroelectric power, which started the boom of electro industries in the early 20th century.

Do you have the necessary fire protection systems in place in your home or business in Niagara? If not, then talk to us. We at CrownFire provide an all-inclusive fire protection services in Niagara Falls and the Greater Toronto area. We have been in operation for 30 years and our knowledge, experience and resources allow us to manage various fire protection projects of any size. Our services include installation, inspection and repair of sprinklers, fire alarms, emergency lights and fire extinguishers. We make sure that all of our services are fulfilled in the highest standards and in compliance with national code and regulations.

Niagara Falls Fire Sprinkler Systems

A fire sprinkler system that is fully operational is the best protection against fire should it occur. It was observed that facilities with fire sprinkler systems have 50 percent higher chance of saving property. We have been offering complete fire sprinkler services for homes and business establishments in Niagara and the Greater Ontario area for the past 30 years. From installation to inspection and repair, we’ve got you covered.

Niagara Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation

All of our fire sprinkler systems parts and components are made by top manufacturers and suppliers. We have trained designers that you can consult with and certified installers to carry out the designs.

Niagara Fire Sprinkler Systems Inspection

The NFPA requires that fire sprinkler systems be inspected annually to see if they will operate as expected in an emergency. Sometimes, inspections are also done monthly and quarterly. To ensure that we provide accurate reports and excellent service, all of our test personnel are in-house and not outsourced.

Niagara Fire Sprinkler Systems Repair

If it was observed during inspection that there’s a defect in the system, we will search for the cause of the problem and repair it immediately. Should an emergency repair be needed, our technicians are on call to tend to them. To prevent major repairs in the future, it’s best that you allow us to conduct regular maintenance of your system.

Our goal is to protect your building and its occupants in case of an emergency. If you are in need of information on fire sprinkler systems, call us today.

Niagara Falls Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are a primary line of defense when a fire occurs. It is therefore essential that they are located in a location that is accessible. They should also be charged and working properly. CrownFire offers different types of fire extinguishers to handle the different classes of fire. We have been a fire extinguisher provider in Niagara Falls and the Greater Toronto area for more than 30 years. Our service covers installation, inspection and repair of fire extinguishers. We only market fire extinguishers that come from the top brands. We can also do simulation trainings for your employees on how to use the units.

Fire Extinguishers Installation and Training

We don’t only deliver the fire extinguishers but we install them in locations that are prescribed by the NFPA. It includes mounting the units on the wall using brackets, putting them on wood stands if they are floor mounted, and encasing them in glass cabinets that can be broken in case of fire.

Our training sessions on the use of fire extinguishers are safe and cost-effective because we can train multiple employees at the same time. The end goal is still achieved: for them to learn how to fight fire.

Niagara Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Our regular inspections are inclusive of visual and physical checks of the fire extinguishers. It will allow us to see if they need repair or replacement.

Niagara Fire Extinguisher Repair and Maintenance

If there are any defects in your fire extinguisher units, just contact us and we will repair them. We strictly follow repair and maintenance procedures according the manufacturer manual.

For more information about buying fire extinguishers, give us a call.

Niagara Falls Fire Alarm Systems

Every building should have a fire alarm system because it warns the occupants of fire, giving them enough time to evacuate. Crownfire is a provider of efficient fire alarm systems, including installation, inspection and repair services. It is our mission to protect the lives of building occupants in Niagara Falls and the Greater Ontario area. Fire alarm systems are also necessary for you to be able to comply with fire code requirement.

Niagara Fire Alarm System Installation

There are many factors involved in designing and installing a fire alarm system. It is therefore a trade standard that only knowledgeable professionals take on the task. Our job is to assist you in knowing your needs. After that, we will also help you with the paperwork prior to installation. We can install both conventional and digital fire alarm systems and we only purchase parts and components from trusted manufacturers.

Niagara Fire Alarm System Inspection

The fire code requires that fire alarm inspections be completed at least once a year. The logic behind it is the system should always be working especially when fire occurs. The inspection involves running various tests and documenting them based on a ULC authorized format.

Niagara Fire Alarm System Repair

Our pool of manpower have the knowledge and capability in fixing issues that affect the working condition of any fire alarm system. Aside from that, we also conduct preventive maintenance to maximize the working performance of the system.

We want to give the best possible service to all of our clients. This is why our field personnel are in-house and are properly trained and certified.

Give us a call and we will assist you right away.

Niagara Falls Exit and Emergency Lighting

When a fire occurs, the field of vision of the occupants become limited because of smoke. Exit and emergency lighting are specially made to help people find their way out. CrownFire can help you plan your emergency lighting system to make sure that the number is sufficient and that they illuminate the longest time possible. We are a reliable provider of emergency lighting services in Niagara Falls and the Greater Ontario area.

Niagara Exit and Emergency Lighting Installation

CrownFire provides design and installation assistance according to your requirements. There are many types of exit and emergency lights out there and through our experience, we will recommend the best ones to use. All of our installations follow the National Fire Code and other safety regulations.

Niagara Exit and Emergency Lighting Inspection

We believe that fire safety should be taken seriously, which is why we include routine inspections and maintenance. This will make sure that the emergency lighting system works during an evacuation.

Niagara Exit and Emergency Lighting Repair

We have set aside spare parts because we know repairs are needed from time to time. Our repair staff can fix all types of issues including busted bulbs, drained batteries and burned fuse. Our customer service staff are waiting for your call 24/7 and we will send the repair staff immediately to solve your problems.

We are proud of our competent team of experts that can manage the installation, inspection, maintenance and repair of exit and emergency lights systems. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our fire safety professionals.

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