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Hamilton Fire Protection Services

CrownFire is a provider of Life Safety and Fire Protection services in Hamilton. Hamilton is a highly populated port city in Ontario, with around 540,000 residents. From 1812 when it was developed to now, it has become one of the highly developed industrial centers in the Golden Horseshoe region. It is home to large steel companies and it is the producer of 60% of Canada’s steel.

CrownFire’s owners Maria and Kelly Davis have been in the Fire Protection business since 1978 with Maria starting her career at Cronin Fire Equipment. Then being the 1st woman to register with the CFAA and then opening her own fire protection business named Crown Fire Equipment Limited in 1992.

Kelly Davis with over 25 years of experience in Industrial Engineering, Project Management and also a licensed welder fitter. CrownFire is proud to be the most trusted fire protection service company in Hamilton. It is our mission and purpose to protect the life and property of all our customers.

Our team of technicians are trained and certified to install, inspect, maintain and repair any kind of fire protection system, parts and equipment. CrownFire makes sure that everything CrownFire does is done correctly the first time and is up to Ontario’s Fire Code. CrownFire also ensure that all our designs and installations adhere to the building codes and regulations. This eliminates any hurdles you may have in operating your business.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Hamilton

Fire happens and spreads very quickly. Having fire sprinklers installed can slow down the spread of it. Fire sprinklers are very important because they protect the occupants, your property and significantly reduce any damage done to your business. A sprinkler system that is designed and regularly maintained means you value safety. CrownFire caters to business in Hamilton and the Greater Ontario area.

To help you as a customer and to make us a leader in the industry we have established both a large and small contract division that will accurately and quickly we know you want quality parts and workmanship and the project on-time and in budget.

Call CrownFire now 1-877-243-9664 if you need the design, supply or install of the following systems. Sprinklers, Standpipe and Hose Systems, Gas Suppression Systems (Inergen, FM-200, Novac 1230, CO2), Notifier Releasing Panel’s and Fire Alarm.

Let our great sales and project management team help you with their knowledge and expertise to make your project a success. Give us a call 1-877-243-9664 for a “no obligation” and no cost consultation.

Ontario Collage of Trades (Notice)

Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installer – Classification Change
Be sure that whoever is working on your sprinkler system meets the following criteria so your work is getting done legally and keeping you compliant.

Important to know for all people in charge of Fire protection to acknowledge that as of February 2, 2017, the trade will be compulsory and individuals in the Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installer trade will need to be members in good standing in one of the College’s following membership classes in order to continue to work legally:
Apprentices Class
Journeyperson Candidates Class
Journeypersons Class (Certificate of Qualification/Provisional Certificate of Qualification)
Now only members of the College in the above membership classes can:
practice (do the work) of Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installers;
be employed or otherwise engaged to do the work of the trade; and
use the compulsory trade title (or any abbreviation of that title) to describe themselves or their work (e.g. Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installer).

In addition, only members of the Journeypersons Class of the College who hold a valid College-issued Certificate of Qualification:
can use the title “Journeyperson”; and,
count as journeypersons for ratio purposes.

Hamilton Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation Hamilton

CrownFire use the latest in fire safety techniques for every fire sprinkler system that CrownFire install. Whatever type of sprinkler system it may be, CrownFire have done it before. CrownFire is aware of fire safety standards and apply it to our designs and installations. CrownFire make sure that we avoid any errors to satisfy our clients. Every installation comes with a final testing to check that the total system works properly.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Inspection for Hamilton

If you want your fire sprinkler system to be in working condition, it should be inspected as per code for issues and defects. Not only that, it helps you keep your building code compliant. CrownFire knows the proper scheduling for inspection for any kind of sprinkler system. Our technicians in the Hamilton area will check your entire systems components including pipe fittings and sprinkler heads as per NFPA 25.

Hamilton Fire Sprinkler Systems Repair

Should you have any issues call us 1-877-243-9664 and CrownFire will repair your fire sprinkler system. Our response time to Hamilton is quick and CrownFire will work until the problem is fixed. Call us now to meet with one of our technician in Hamilton.

Fire Extinguishers Hamilton

CrownFire is pleased to take care of all your fire extinguisher needs for portable extinguishers, automatic extinguishers and wheeled extinguishers. CrownFire wants to help you every step of the way: from selection to installation, inspection and repair.

As a leading provider of fire extinguishers in Hamilton, CrownFire will help you find the best extinguisher for your facility, as CrownFire makes sure you meet Ontario’s Fire Code. CrownFire also conduct’s efficient training for your employees using our Bull-Ex portable training unit. Call Us for Hamilton Fire Extinguishers Installation and Training 1-877-243-9664

CrownFire knows where to install fire extinguishers as per NFPA 10 and CrownFire mount them in a way that they are easily accessible. It is also a must that your employees know how to use fire extinguishers because they have first access. Our safe and easy training will educate your employee on how to properly use a fire extinguisher.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Hamilton

Ontario’s Fire Code and NFPA10 states that fire extinguisher inspections need to be done on a monthl, yearly or as required by your Fire Department for continuous safety. Our inspection includes checking the weight, gauges, cylinder, the seals, dates, hoses / Horns, continuity of CO2 hoses. Unit tags are updated after inspection and a Inspection Report will be submitted.

Fire Extinguisher Repair and Maintenance Hamilton

As part of maintenance service, Dry Chemical extinguishers are replaced or recharged every 6 years as required by code. CrownFire will also immediately address any problems found during inspection.

CrownFire only distributes units from the most trusted brands in the industry such as Amerex Fire Extinguishers. Safety is important and CrownFire wants you to have the best defense against fire. If you want an inspection of your building’s or equipment’s fire extinguishers, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Fire Alarm Systems in Hamilton

CrownFire provides customized fire alarm systems services for businesses throughout Hamilton. CrownFire work with facilities of any size from design to installation, inspection and repair. CrownFire know how important the lives of your employees are and understand how important fire alarms are. They sound an alert so your employees and customers can evacuate safely in case of fire.

Fire Alarm System Installation Hmailton

CrownFire installs both open protocols or managed fire alarm systems. You are in good hands because our Hamilton technicians are factory-trained and certified. They also have a full understanding of Ontario’s Fire Code and will ensure that your alarm system meets them. All our devices and components are from top-quality manufacturers.

Hamilton Fire Alarm System Inspection

Regular inspection of your fire alarm systems that are required according to Ontario’s Fire Code. All of our inspections provide you with proper documentation as proof that your system is working properly. CrownFire conduct every type of test to check any problems right away.

Notifier Fire Systems Authorized Distributor

The Owners at CrownFire have been providing exemplary fire protection services in Ontario since 1992. For over 25 years, we have served our purpose of protecting the lives and properties of our customers.

Because of our high standards for excellence and safety, we are proud to announce that we are an Authorized Distributor of Notifier by Honeywell. Notifier is a brand known for its innovation in fire detection and alarm products. They are the leading company and one the largest manufacturers of Life Safety Products and technology in the fire alarm industry.

As a Notifier a division of Honeywell Authorized Distributor, we have further solidified our commitment by providing customers with the most reliable fire protection and life safety products and services.

Fire Alarm System Repair and Maintenance Hamilton

CrownFire have a response team available if you need emergency service. Our emergency hotline is open 24 hours a day 1-877-243-9664, 7 days a week. Aside from that, CrownFire can make a maintenance plan for you to avoid expensive emergency repairs later on. CrownFire can fix your fire alarm right after finding issues during our inspection.

All of our Hamilton based clients are very happy with our results and customer service. Talk to us today and CrownFire will be more than happy to help you with your safety fire alarm system needs.

Exit and Emergency Lighting in Hamilton

During a fire, power outages are not uncommon. Which is why it is essential that your exit and emergency lights operate to guide people to safety during an evacuation. CrownFire know that emergency lighting may look simple but it’s a complex matter that CrownFire can help you through. CrownFire has more than 25 years of experience in exit and emergency lighting for different types of facilities in Hamilton.

Exit and Emergency Lighting Installation

There’s great care needed in placing exit and emergency lights. As experienced emergency lighting providers, CrownFire know where to place them so they are easily seen in case of fire. Choosing the right locations involves many factors and there are many guidelines that need to followed as outlined by the OSHA and the National Fire Code.

Hamilton Exit and Emergency Lighting Inspection

Inspections of exit and emergency lights should be done every month and every year. This is to ensure that they will continue to work in case of emergency. Our inspections include testing the battery and if the emergency lights can operate for at least 30 minutes or 2hrs whatever the requirement.
Hamilton Exit and Emergency Lighting Repair

If a problem is encountered during inspection, CrownFire offer repair services to quickly resolve the issue. If you notice a problem on your own, call us immediately and one of our Hamilton technicians will be there shortly.
All our certified technicians are equipped with the knowledge and experience to install, inspect and repair exit and emergency lighting systems. Call us today 1-877-243-9664 to learn more about our exit and emergency lighting services in Hamilton.

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