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Fire Protection Services in Woodstock

Known for its historic landscape, Woodstock is the Dairy Capital of Canada. Its administration buildings are still the original ones that were built in the 1800s. These include the town hall, market building, courthouse, public library, post office and fire hall. Some of its Victorian style streetscapes have also been maintained up to now.

With a population of around 41,000, they city’s economic focus is on car and product manufacturing. The Woodstock Downtown bustles with retail shops that have also maintained their historic structures. It also has a large community center that can accommodate 2,500 people. Another attraction of the town is the Woodstock summer festival that brings in a lot of tourists during that season.

If you’re a business owner in Woodstock, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are protected should a fire happen. Since 1978, Crownfire has been a trusted provider of complete fire protection services for Woodstock. We provide critical fire protection services along with recommendations based on your requirements.

We make sure that all of our installations comply with Woodstock’s fire codes and regulations. You will be at peace knowing that your business is safe and secure. All of our fire protection products and services are nothing less than top quality. Our team of experienced and certified fire safety professionals will assist you through the entire process.

Woodstock Fire Sprinkler Systems

Regardless of what type of business you run in Woodstock a fire sprinkler system is required. Not only are they the law but, they help protect your business and customers. All of our fire sprinkler systems are up to code and operate flawlessly during an emergency. We provide sprinkler system installation, inspection and repair in Woodstock.

Woodstock Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation

We have been providing fire sprinkler systems installations in Woodstock since 1978. Our installation process is efficient and follows all standards to a tee. We are able to work with any kind of sprinkler system; whether it’s wet or dry. We can install a system in facilities of any size, from small business to large structures and complexes.

Woodstock Fire Sprinkler Systems Inspection

CrownFire also inspects sprinkler systems as part of our service. Preventative maintenance ensures that your system is perfect working condition

Woodstock Fire Sprinkler Systems Repair

Should any problem arise, our sprinkler system technicians are available at any time. Our fire sprinkler repair service means immediate response to any issues that you experience.
For all your fire sprinkler system needs in Woodstock, CrownFire is your ultimate choice. Give us a call for a free consultation. 1-877-243-9664

Fire Extinguishers in Woodstock

Fire extinguishers are among your first line of defense should a fire occur. This is why it’s important that they are always placed in an accessible location and that they are charged and working. We only supply and install fire extinguishers from the top manufacturers and we also provide organized training for your employees on how to use them.

Woodstock Fire Extinguishers Installation, Training, Annual Inspection, Re-charging

For all your fire extinguisher requirements, contact us today. 1-877-243-9664

Woodstock Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are vital to any building because it alerts the occupants of a fire so they can evacuate. A split second of knowledge can make a difference between life and death. We at CrownFire know that protecting your employees and customers lives are a top priority. We provide complete fire alarm services in Woodstock.

Woodstock Fire Alarm System Installation, Repair, Inspection

Call CrownFire now for any Fire Alarm concerns. 1-877-243-9664

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