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Fire Protection Services Burlington

Burlington belongs to the municipality of Halton and located at the northwestern end of Lake Ontario. With a small population of around 180,000, it is located near the economic center of the Golden Horseshoe region.

Its main tourist attraction is the Spencer Smith Park along the shoreline of Lake Ontario. It also hosts various music and arts festival such as Sound and Music Festival.

CrownFire provides leading fire protection solutions when it comes to guarding life and property. We install, inspect and repair fire protection systems for businesses in Burlington.
It is CrownFire’s (1-877-243-9664) goal to provide complete fire safety services. We make sure that our designs are correct, effective and reasonably priced. Both designs and installations follow Ontario’s Fire Safety Code. This ensures that there will be no hurdles in getting permits for your business. Operating for over 30 years, you can trust our team in Burlington to meet all your safety requirements.

Fire Sprinkler Systems in Burlington

A fully operating fire sprinkler system is one of the best defense against fire when it happens. For residential and commercial complexes in Burlington, CrownFire will provide you a wide array of fire sprinkler services such as and including, installation, inspection, repair and maintenance to meet your expectations.

Burlington Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation

CrownFire has work with and collaborated with top manufacturers when it comes tofire sprinkler parts and components. We have certified technicians with over 30 years of experience in sprinkler installation.

Burlington Fire Sprinkler Systems Inspection

Sprinkler systems are required by Ontario Fire Code to be inspected at least once a year to see if they will operate as they should in case of fire. Depending on your sprinkler system, inspection may also be needed every quarter and every month. Our technical professionals in Burlington are skilled in testing the entire sprinkler system during inspection.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Repair and Preventive Maintenance for Burlington

If during inspection it was noticed that the system is defective, we will find the root cause and repair it. Our technicians are always ready to immediately respond to emergency repairs. We also conduct preventive maintenance to avoid major problems in the future.
We aim to protect your building occupants and property from the dangers of fire. Call us today to learn more about our fire sprinkler system services for Burlington.

Burlington Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are your first line of defense in case of fire. This is why it’s important that they are always placed in an accessible location and that they are charged and working. CrownFire carries fire extinguishers in different weights for different classes of fire.

Fire Extinguishers Installation and Training in Burlington

What’s the sense of having extinguishers if you don’t know how to use them? Our fire extinguisher installation service ensures that the units are placed in locations as outlined by Ontario’s Fire Safety Code.
fire extinguisher training is cost-effective, safe, and can train multiple employees in a short period of time. This will still ensure that they learn how to properly fight a fire using an extinguisher.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection for Burlington

We conduct periodic visual and physical inspections of fire extinguishers to check the condition of the units and to see if they need repairing.

Burlington Fire Extinguisher Repair and Maintenance

If you see problems with your fire extinguishers, we are ready to repair them right away. All of our repair and maintenance process are implemented as per manufacturer standards.
Call us today to find out more about our fire extinguisher services.

Burlington Fire Alarm Systems

Our Notifier Line of Fire Alarm Panels will get you out of the building in time to save your life and those your responsible for. We provide excellent fire alarm system installation, inspection and repair services in Burlington.

Fire Alarm System Installation Burlington

Fire alarm systems involve many factors and it takes CrownFire’s trained professionals to design and install them. We will help you with your needs.

Fire Alarm System Inspection Burlington

Frequent fire alarm inspections are a must as mentioned in Ontario’s Fire Safety Code. Call CrownFire 1-877-243-9664.

Burlington Fire Alarm System Repair

We are available 24/7 to solve any issues. We also provide preventive maintenance to lengthen the life of your alarm system.
Schedule a free consultation today. 1-877-243-9664

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