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Cambridge Fire Protection Services

Cambridge is located in Southern Ontario Canada. Cambridge houses the plant of Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Canada, which provides the largest employment in the city. There are also a number of other industrial companies in the city, including ATS Automation, Frito-Lay and Rockwell Automation.

CrownFire is proud to offer a comprehensive line of fire protection products and services in Cambridge. It includes fire sprinkler and alarm systems, fire extinguishers and exit and emergency lights. We have been in operation since 1978 and our experience, capacity and high standards means we can and have done projects big and small.
Our team of trained professionals in Cambridge are able to take care of fire safety requirements from planning to implementation and repair. We make sure that installed systems meet all fire safety codes. We understand that each client has different needs, which is why we work with you to install a fire protection system that suits best.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Cambridge

Combine fire sprinkler system with fire alarm system and you will have the most basic and effective fire safety solution. For these systems to remain effective, they must be regularly checked and properly maintained. CrownFire is a first-class provider of fire sprinkler products and services. From design to installation and maintenance, we follow the guidelines provided by the NFPA.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation, Inspection & Repair in Cambridge

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Cambridge Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Installation and Training Services

Your business establishment should have an adequate number of fire extinguishers throughout it as per NFPA 10. It will keep your business safe as well as make you compliant with local codes and regulations. Because we are familiar with these codes, we will guide you on the size and type of fire extinguisher that you should use. Our certified technicians also know how to properly install them. We can train your employees by using safe simulation methods.

Fire Alarm Systems for Cambridge

Fire alarm systems may seem easy to install because it’s electronic, however it is a complex system and vital to your business. CrownFire is a complete fire protection service provider: installation, inspection, repair and more. We are fire alarm specialists in Cambridge.

Cambridge Fire Alarm System Installation, Inspection, Repair

Our capable professionals can design, install and program fire alarm systems based on your requirements and budget. We install any alarm systems, whether it is a conventional or modern system.
Trained and certified, making us a superior name in the fire safety industry.

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