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Fire Protection for Schools

Keeping your students and staff safe is the number one priority for schools. It is essential to keep on top of the changes to the fire code and to integrate new technology to keep your school safe. Regular care of all fire safety equipment is important to making sure you can stop a small-scale fire before it spreads to cause large-scale property damage – or even death. Making sure there are enough fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and fire alarms is important to helping defeat a fire.

Fire regulations for school buildings state that the fire code standards are kept, and all fire safety equipment is regularly inspected by a proper fire safety technician. CrownFire’s certified fire technicians can help you find the best fire safety systems for your school and provide all the maintenance needed. Protect your school’s staff and students today from deadly fires with the help of CrownFire. Get in touch to find out how we help schools.

There are a few steps to keep up with the fire code for schools, such as: checking and placing automatic fire sprinkler systems; choosing the right fire alarm systems for your hotel; testing and installing upgraded fire extinguishers where needed; and, placing and testing proper exit and emergency lighting plans.

Fire Sprinkler Systems for Schools

A 2017 NFPA report found that there were approximately 4,980 fires annually at schools from 2011-2015. These fires resulted in $70 million in annual property damages. Most of these fires were reportedly started either in the kitchen or intentionally. By setting up your school with the proper automatic fire sprinkler system for your needs, you can avoid large-scale and expensive property damage from any kind of fire.

Choosing the right fire sprinkler system for your school can be easy. CrownFire’s fire sprinkler systems are made to help you save as much of your school as possible in the event of a fire so you don’t lose everything. With a number of different sprinkler systems available to pick from, you can be sure we have the right fit for your needs.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation for Schools

Your school might already have automatic fire sprinklers installed. Even so, it’s important to check them often to know if they need to be upgraded or replaced. CrownFire’s certified technicians can help you keep on top of maintenance and upgrades for your fire sprinkler systems.

Setting up an automatic fire sprinkler system allows you to lower the risk of potential damage and protect both the schools and the students from fire. A working automatic fire sprinkler system is a great investment for schools. Call CrownFire today so our certified fire service technicians can help you find and install the right automatic fire sprinkler system for your school to meet the fire code requirements.

Fire Alarm Systems for Schools

Fire alarm requirements for schools are high due to the number of students and staff at the building. The bigger your school, the more fire alarm systems you will need so that you meet the fire code for schools. You will need to have a proper fire alarm system in place to protect everyone in case there is a fire.

Fire alarms are your first line of defense against fires that indicate there is a need to execute the fire safety plan. CrownFire can help you choose the fire alarm system that’s right for your building to make sure your hotel is up to code. Installing updated fire alarms throughout the hotel will raise the level of safety and protect the building from fire damage.

CrownFire’s fire alarm systems are developed to react more quickly and effectively when they detect a fire, which means that the school staff can activate the fire safety plan faster. With greater fire detection ability, your newer fire alarm system will be able to protect your school better and meet the fire regulations for schools.

There are different options of fire alarm systems designed in-house by CrownFire for you to choose from. Call CrownFire’s certified technicians today to discuss whether a simple manual fire alarm system or a more complex technologically-advanced fire system is best for your needs. Once you have the right systems chosen, CrownFire can install them in your school to meet the fire code regulations.

Fire Extinguishers for Schools

Inspecting your fire extinguishers must happen monthly, annually, and as required by your Fire Department to keep up the fire extinguisher standards for schools. CrownFire’s technicians can make sure that your fire extinguishers are ready and safe should they be needed to help stop a fire, and that you meet the fire code for schools.

Inspections for your fire extinguishers should be an important part of your fire safety plan. The fire code for hotels from your local Fire Department will need regular inspections by a professional fire protection service. Technicians from CrownFire can make sure your fire extinguishers are ready to use in case a fire is started.

Portable, automatic, and wheeled fire extinguishers can be installed in the school in several places to make sure you are meeting the fire extinguisher standards for schools and the fire code for your area. CrownFire’s certified technicians are ready to tell you how many fire extinguishers you need and what type would be best for your school’s needs.

Even if you have automatic fire sprinkler systems in place, a fire extinguisher can stop a small fire before it reaches the ceiling or causes too much property damage. Different types of fire extinguishers are available in order to best serve the different needs of each institution. Talking with a fire technician from CrownFire will get you the right type of fire extinguisher to meet the fire extinguisher requirements for your school.

Exit & Emergency Lighting for Schools

If there’s a fire at your school, you will most likely have a power outage as a result. Once the power has gone out, your students will need exit and emergency lighting as part of the fire safety plan. Proper exit and emergency lighting throughout the school helps everyone exit the building safely and quickly. CrownFire’s technicians can work with you to find the best emergency lighting solution for your school.

You can choose between LED emergency lighting in order to keep ongoing costs low and protect the environment, or battery-operated light bulb options that are also available. All emergency lighting has a minimum battery life of 30 minutes during a fire in order to remain up to the fire code regulations for schools.

Testing your exit lighting both monthly and annually will keep your emergency lighting systems up to the fire code for schools. With normal wear and tear or unexpected damage to the lighting fixtures, new batteries and bulbs should be ordered as soon as needed in order to keep up with the fire code for schools. Ordering replacements also helps to keep your school as safe as possible.

Inspections of your exit and emergency lighting should be completed by fire service technicians in order to meet the fire code for schools and to keep your equipment in a fully working state. CrownFire’s technicians will order any new equipment at the time of inspection so your school continues to meet the fire code regulations.


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