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Fire Protection for National Retail Chains

If you own a retail store, having adequate fire protection put in place is a necessity. With the proper fire safety plan, you could be saving yourself millions of dollars in potential damage. Not only that, you are saving lives.
Every person that enters through your doors should be safe as they walk around the store. Being a chain store, more than likely you experience a significant flow of customers on a daily basis. If you do not have proper fire protection, each one of your customers is at risk.

It does not take long for a fire to spread quickly. What started as a small fire in the electrical room could soon turn into the whole store engulfed in flames. But if you have the correct equipment and systems put in place, that small fire could be extinguished before it has the potential of spreading.

Proper fire protection for national retail chains should include fire sprinkler systems, fire alarms, extinguishers, emergency and exit lighting. As is a leading provider of safety and fire protection in the Hamilton area, CrownFire has all of those areas covered for the safety of your store and customers. Ensuring you have what you need now will protect the future of your business.

Fire Sprinkler Systems for National Retail Chains

When a fire breaks out, it only takes seconds for it to spread. If there is no system put in place to put the fire out, it will soon get out of control. That is why buildings like retail chains need a fire sprinkler system.

The purpose of a fire sprinkler is to put the fire out before it spreads. To ensure the fire completely goes out, the system needs to accomplish one of three things:

  • Remove the fuel source;
  • Eliminate the oxygen that feeds the fire; and
  • Cool the fire temperature below combustion levels.

CrownFire sprinkler systems are designed to offer you the most overall fire protection possible. When a fire breaks out in your store, our sprinkler systems activate to snuff the fire out.

Not all fire sprinkler systems are the same though. Depending on your needs and what type of retail chain store you own, this will determine which system is best suitable for you. If you have a store filled with electronics and electrical equipment, a wet sprinkler system may not be the best option. Instead, a dry system with a clean agent would extinguish the fire without harming electronics.

The best kind is an automated fire sprinkler system. This type will go off automatically. If you are dealing with a fire, the last thing you want to worry about is finding the switch for the sprinklers. An automated system does the work for you, allowing you time to leave the building.

Fire Alarm Systems for National Retail Chains

Installing a fire alarm system is not only a no-brainer, but it is also a requirement. A simple device like a fire alarm is what alerts anyone in the area of potential danger. Whether it be through strobe lights, horns or any other form, the fire alarm is there to warn everyone that a fire broke out and they should immediately leave the building.

Don’t think of a fire alarm as merely a smoke detector. Although these types are highly useful in residential areas, business and retail chains need something more heavy-duty. A fire alarm for your retail chain will not only tell your customers and employees to evacuate, but it can also alert emergency services and trigger the sprinkler system.

You can customize a CrownFire fire alarm systems to whatever requirements you may need. You can have a basic alarm that singles people to evacuate. You can make it more extensive to trigger other fire protection services you have in place and call in emergency services. Some fire alarms also seal off rooms to help prevent the spread of the fire or trigger an emergency power off function to shut down electrical equipment.

A fire alarm is one of your best investments to ensure the safety of everyone that enters the building. No matter what type of alarm you install, you should have it regularly checked. Your systems should always be up-to-date and functioning correctly. Don’t wait until a fire breaks out to find out if the alarm is working.

Fire Extinguishers for National Retail Chains

Some may not realize, but fire protection services can be as simple as having a fire extinguisher in the vicinity. A fire extinguisher is your first defence weapon when a fire breaks out. Typically when a fire starts, it starts off fairly small. It is at the point where you can control it on your own.

That is when a fire extinguisher comes in handy. You would be able to grab the extinguisher off the wall and douse the fire yourself. More than likely, this would put the fire out, preventing any further damage that would occur..
However, a fire extinguisher is not meant for large fires. If the fire is already spreading or the flames are bigger than yourself, it is already too late for the extinguisher. You are now putting yourself in harm trying to put it out. That is when your alarm and sprinkler system would go off.

If you have a sprinkler system in your building, Ontario law requires you to have a fire extinguisher nearby. Even if you do not have sprinklers, you should consider having at least one fire extinguisher handy. Yourself and any employees in the store should be trained to know how to use the extinguisher if needed.

The type of fire extinguisher you need depends on the material you have in your store. If your business holds mainly items like cloth, plastic, paper or wood, Class A extinguisher is needed. A Class B is for flammable liquids (i.e. gasoline), and Class C is for electrical fires. Typically a 5lb Class ABC fire extinguisher is suitable for retail and office environments.

Exit & Emergency Lighting for National Retail Chains

It is very common for the power to go out in the result of a fire. When that happens, the inside of a building is relatively dark – sometimes so dark you cannot see anything. If there is nothing to guide employees and customers out of your store, they could be stuck in a building that is on fire.

Imagine trying to walk around a store in complete darkness that is filled with merchandise or an office with multiple desks. It would take time and be very difficult to do. The time it takes for you to leave a building is precious. It could be the difference of you safely exiting the building, or not being able to make it out.

Installing exit and emergency lighting is crucial for a retail chain. When the power goes out, the emergency lighting will kick in. It would brighten up the area enough for anyone around to see and leave.

There should also be emergency exit signs and lightening installed as well. When a fire breaks out, people start to panic. When someone panics, it becomes difficult to reason. You want to make it as easy as possible for someone around a fire to safely escape.

The emergency and exit lighting are not just for those inside the building. When the emergency response team arrives, it will also light up the area to get them inside the building. The quicker emergency services can get in to fight the fire or find people trapped, the faster they can prevent too much damage or even death from occurring.


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