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Fire Protection for Banks

Any building is vulnerable to a fire breakout, including those who occupy it. A bank is no different and should adhere to fire code regulations. They are put in place to help ensure the safety of employees and any members of the public that enter the building.

A thoroughly thought out fire safety plan could be the difference between saving your business and those inside, or millions of dollars in damage and the potential death from the fire. As much as you hope the worst case scenario never happens, you should still plan for one. The more hazards you can eliminate or substantially minimize, the safer everyone inside the building will be.

You do not want to wait until a fire breaks out to see if you have enough fire protection put in place. Instead, follow the regulations and codes, keep your fire safety plan up to date and make sure to keep all staff well trained in the emergency strategy. Between proper systems and workplace practice, you want to strive for the utmost fire protection your building can provide.

Fire Sprinkler Systems for Banks

When a fire breaks out, it does not take long for it to spread quickly. Unless there is some sort of system in place to prevent it or put the fire out, the flames will travel throughout the building until the whole structure is engulfed. At this point, there is a good chance it is too late to salvage the building and possible injuries or even death may occur from the fire.

A fire sprinkler system can not only prevent the fire from spreading, but it can also completely extinguish the fire before it is too late. Since a bank holds documents, personal information, electronics and much more, stopping a fire from spreading is vital. The more you can keep a fire contained to one area, the better chance you have of saving valuable information and preventing any more damage from occurring.

CrownFire can help choose the right sprinkler system for your bank. Not every area of the building is the same, and the same is true for our fire sprinklers. We can ensure you install the right system for your bank, along with ensuring employees understand and know how the sprinklers function. On top of that, we will keep your sprinklers up to date with fire code regulations and make sure they are working correctly.

A bank is a public space in which citizens come and go continuously throughout the day. Because of the number of people the building can house, installing an automatic fire sprinkler system should be of top priority. Don’t wait for a fire to break out before realizing the importance of fire sprinklers.

Fire Alarm Systems for Banks

Fire alarms can be the difference between clients and employees escaping a building on fire safely or being stuck inside. A fire alarm is your first line of defence against fires. If they are triggered, it is not only a warning for those in the building to evacuate. But it is also a warning to execute the rest of your fire safety plan.

Banks have many dimensions within the building. Typically there is a larger open space where clients meet the front line employees. Throughout the rest of the building will be offices for other staff and management. Since the structure of a bank is fairly significant, most likely you will need multiple fire alarms to meet building codes.

Not every fire alarm system is the same. Some are more basic in which a warning noise goes off to let everyone know in the vicinity of a potential fire. Others are more advanced, they not only send out a siren, but they also connect with local emergency response teams to let them know about a potential emergency situation. Depending on what your requirement is, CrownFire’s fire alarm systems are built to detect a fire quickly and protect everyone inside the building.

Fire alarms should be checked on a regular basis to ensure they still function properly. Do not rely on an actual fire to test out your system. Our trained technicians will guide you and guarantee your fire alarms are up to date and ready for any outbreak that may occur.

Fire Extinguishers for Banks

Fire extinguishers are necessary in every building, public or not. If you have a fire extinguisher available for employees to access, it could put out what starts off as a small garbage fire and prevent it from spreading across the whole building.

A fire extinguisher does have an expiry date, and not all extinguishers do the same thing. For businesses that have flammable material like papers, plastic and wood, they require a Class A fire extinguisher. However, most likely a bank will have some sort of electronic equipment that staff use. A Class C fire extinguisher is used for anything electrical. Depending on the size of your building and the ceiling height, that will tell you the size of the extinguisher you will need.

It is required to inspect extinguishers on a regular basis, including monthly and annually or any other times requested by your local Fire Department. A CrownFire technician can check your extinguisher when needed. Your fire safety plan should also include inspections by your local Fire Department.

Even if you have an alarm and sprinkler system put in place, a fire extinguisher may be what you need to put the fire out. The more frontline defence mechanisms you have, the better chance of stopping the fire from spreading to the point where larger systems are triggered. CrownFire technicians can help you figure out how many fire extinguishers your bank should have, and the types that are suitable for your building.

Exit and Emergency Lighting for Banks

A bank sees many people from the public almost every day. Some of those people are calm and collected as they walk through the building. Others may be stressed, rushed and have many other thoughts going through their mind. When you have an area that has many different types of people that don’t know each other, it can quickly become chaotic if the power goes out during an emergency.

If a fire breaks out, there is a good chance there will be a power outage as a result. Having the proper emergency lighting in your bank can help keep clients and staff calm. Also, emergency exits are a way to direct people to a way of evacuating the building efficiently.

Emergency lighting is not just for those who are trying to escape a burning building. They are also valuable for the emergency services trying to get inside. These people are there to help put the fire out and locate anyone that may be trapped. The more light they have to maneuver their way through an unknown building, the better chance they will have of being successful at their job.

There is different type of emergency lighting you can use for your building. CrownFire technicians can help you decide which exit and emergency lighting are best suitable for your bank. Help keep everyone inside your building as calm as possible if an emergency occurs. Keeping the inside as lit as possible will help do just that.


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