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How Often Should Emergency Lighting Be Tested?

Emergency lighting is a crucial aspect of every fire safety plan. It is what keeps a building illuminated, so the occupants to safely evacuate. Without them, the darkness would make it challenging, sometimes even impossible, for people to exit a building in an emergency.

Did you know that the law around emergency lighting doesn’t stop at having them installed? You are required to have them tested throughout the year as well.

As part of an adequate safety plan to protect yourself and those in the building and to ensure you follow all laws and regulations for fire safety, it’s imperative that you understand how and when to test your emergency lighting system.

How Often Should Emergency Lighting be Tested?

As required by law, all emergency lighting must undergo a monthly and extended annual inspection. Including emergency exit signs, you must perform a 30-second test every month. Each year, the emergency lighting system must undergo a 90-minute test.

Implementing your monthly and annual inspections will help ensure you and everyone within the building that the lighting system works properly. It’s imperative that you keep all of your emergency systems in peak condition at all times.

Our emergency lighting testing and inspection services will conduct thorough tests and troubleshoot all emergency lights and exit signages. To do this, we simulate a total power failure by shutting down the main power. Once the power goes out, the emergency systems should turn on from their backup battery supply. After we can ensure everything is working correctly, you’ll be provided with documentation that shows the performance of your lighting system, which is required by fire marshalls.

Monthly Inspection Requirements

The monthly testing consists of a quick functionality test. This test will ensure that emergency lighting and signs work correctly during a power outage. If they do not, you will know that something is wrong with the system.

During your monthly inspection, you’ll also need to check the battery supply that the lights run off of. Ensure that the battery packs work and that they are clean and dry. Any wire or terminal connections must show no sign of corrosion, are clean and well lubricated. Lastly, look for any signs of damage or any obstructions around the pilot light.

Annual Testing

The annual testing on your emergency lighting system is a more thorough and comprehensive inspection. During this test, the whole process should last between 1.5 and three hours to fully inspect all components fo the system.

There is a 90-minute drain test you must perform along with a recovery period check. You will need to verify the charge voltage and current, ensure proper alignment of all lighting heads, and go through a hazard assessment.

Are You Up to Code?

Ignoring the emergency lighting testing requirements could be detrimental to your fire safety plan. If your system isn’t up to code, learning this in the middle of an emergency could put the lives of everyone in the building a risk.

Ensure that your emergency lighting system is up to code by performing all the necessary inspections. Contact us to have your system professionally inspected, and to have the required documentation to show.

Annual Testing and Maintenance Can Save Lives

You don’t want to find out that your emergency systems don’t work when you’re in the middle of an emergency. That is why there are regulations around monthly and annual testing to keep your systems up to code. Not only that, your tests will tell you if you need to undergo emergency lighting repair and maintenance.

Spend the time today to check your systems to help keep everyone inside the building safe at all times.


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