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How Many Fire Sprinkler Heads Per Line

The National Fire Protection Agency has been writing safety codes since 1896, and though these codes are revised and amended, many of them remain in use today. Engineers rely on these codes to plan and design fire sprinkler systems to the correct dimensions.

Ignoring these regulations could be considered a defiance of the Canadian National Fire Code, which may result in substantial fines. To avoid this, it’s essential to know how many fire sprinkler heads per line you need to install.

How Many Fire Sprinkler Heads Per Line

How many sprinkler heads you will need to install per line depends on several factors. The occupancy hazard level of your space and the length of the line both contribute to the equation. People-friendly environments, such as offices, typically need a sprinkler head installed every 6 to 15 feet of line. 

What Are The Rules of Fire Sprinkler Head Spacing?

Rules for spacing vary from place to place, but according to NFPA 13, sprinkler heads should be spaced based on occupancy hazard and length of the line.

Occupancy hazard is the likelihood that a specific space will contain combustible materials or hazardous chemicals or be challenging to enter or exit. Light hazard locations tend to be large, open spaces with plenty of areas for people to move about in. Schools, hospitals, and offices are all considered light hazard places.

Ordinary hazards tend to be industrial or agricultural areas such as processing plants and grain mills. They require the same sprinkler head spacing as light hazard locations. Every 6 to 15 feet of pipe, there needs to be a sprinkler head.

Extra hazard locations are also industrial places, but they explicitly work with harmful chemicals and materials. This danger is why they are required to have fire sprinkler heads every 6 to 12 feet of line.

We Can Help

The best way to handle a fire is to prevent it! In emergencies, a fire extinguisher alone may not be enough to protect your home, business, or wallet. Fees for breaking fire code regulations can be expensive, and it’s better to avoid them altogether by investing in a reliable fire sprinkler system. Let us help you today! 

CrownFire has over a decade of experience in fire prevention supply, fire prevention education, and system installation services. 

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CrownFire is proudly Canadian owned and operated and is a member of the Canadian Fire Alarm Association and the National Fire Protection Association. Every service and product offered must satisfy rigid requirements and qualifications.

Whether you’re building security systems or restaurant kitchen hood installation, CrownFire’s experienced technicians are ready to get to work.

If you’re keen to install your system without our help, our catalog can set you on the right path. The CrownFire catalogue is rich with variety, offering smoke alarms, emergency lighting, portable fire extinguishers, and sprinkler system parts. 

Final Thoughts

The chief complaint about fire sprinkler systems is that they are expensive and complicated. They don’t have to be.

Understanding how many fire sprinkler heads per line you’ll need for your building is a crucial first step to estimating the total cost of your system installation.

Choosing to use the services of a professional may save you both time and money if you are not entirely confident with your system installation design or materials.


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