Notifier Authorized Distributor

The Owners of CrownFire has been providing exemplary fire protection services in Ontario since 1992. For over 25 years, we have served our purpose of protecting the lives and properties of our customers.

Because of our high standards for excellence and safety, we are proud to announce that we are
Now an Authorized Distributor of Notifier by Honeywell. Notifier is a brand known for its innovation in fire detection and alarm products. They are the leading company and one the largest manufacturers of Life Safety Products and technology in the fire alarm industry.
As a Notifier Authorized Distributor, we have further solidified our commitment by providing
Customers with the most reliable fire protection and life safety products and services.

Notifier Alarm Control Panels

As a Distributor, we provide Notifier’s state of the fire alarm control panels are suitable for any type of application. They include intelligent fire alarm control panels, conventional fire alarm panels and emergency voice communication systems.

ONYX Series

The ONYX series has smoke-sensing technology that is ideal for mid-size to large-scale
applications with “Advanced Detection Technology” that is Flexible, Expandable and Backward compatible.

Emergency Voice Communication Systems

ONYX Digital Voice Command is an emergency voice communication system with a
Multi-channel voice evacuation. It can be used in small and large facilities.

Conventional Systems

All including conventional panels are ULC-listed in 5 and 10-zone panels with built-in digital
Alarm communicator transmitter.

Notifier Fire Alarm Peripheral Devices

We also distribute Notifier’s wide range of fire alarm peripheral devices. Notifier also leads by, Making innovations in smoke detectors and other peripheral devices. These peripherals include devices such as: smoke & heat detectors, manual pull stations and notification appliances. We provide both the intelligent and conventional devices depending on your needs.
The intelligent Notifier devices that we distribute include the FCM and FRS series. Each of
these systems have programmable advanced detection technology allowing them to activate based on sensors throughout your business.

Notifier’s conventional heat detectors activate once a set temperature is reached, with an
allowed range of 2 to 3 degrees. These devices respond immediately with minimal error.

Notifier Fire System Accessories

Notifier’s fire systems accessories allow your system to be customized to your exact needs.
Their warning and reporting system help fire personnel to assess risk situations faster. These
accessories include remote annunciators, digital alarm communication transmitters (DACT) and
power supplies and batteries. Remote annunciators like the FDU-80 series copy the display on the control panel and gives a complete system status update. Multiple annunciators can connect to a single fire alarm control panel. The universal DACT is used in conjunction with the remote annunciators. In case of fire, it reports the status to designated fire station receivers. Notifier’s batteries are compact and have a low load, with accompanying power chargers to extend battery life.

Other Notifier Products We Distribute

We also distribute a variety of other products made by Notifier to help keep your business safe. This includes:

  • Notifier’s Integrated Network​ combines with the security system and CCTV system of
    your facility.
  • Notifier’s Network​ products link multiple control panels and annunciators into a single
    unified network.
  • Notifier’s Integrated Systems​ allows you to have a centralized or distributed point of
    control of the fire systems.
  • Notifier’s Gas Detection System​ that offers controllers and monitors that keeps your
    Business safe from deadly gases

If you’re looking for an Authorized Notifier Distributor get in touch with CrownFire today to get a quote by calling 1-(877)-243-9664