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High Expansion Foam Systems for Fire Protection

High expansion foam systems offer excellent fire protection for liquids that are flammable or combustible, aircraft hangars, and areas where storage is piled high.

How Foam Fire Protection Systems Work

When foam concentrate, water, and air are mixed at the right ratio, they create high expansion foam systems that offer maximum fire protection. This foam creates a blanket that smothers the flame while suppressing potentially hazardous or flammable vapours. The foam also cools the flame and any metal surfaces in the area.

The key difference for foam systems is how the foam expands. The higher the expansion rate, the more foam you create from a litre of foam solution. For example, a low expansion foam gives you an expansion rate between two to one and 20 to one. A high expansion foam has an expansion rate that exceeds 200 to one.

A high expansion foam system uses a high expansion foam generator. This is a water-powered fan that forces the foam to expand by pushing it through a screen.

Find Out if a High Expansion Foam Fire Protection System is Right for You

High expansion foam systems work for a vast variety of different business areas. They work well if you have a large enclosed space that will need to be filled quickly. This is why you often find high expansion foam systems in areas with highly flammable liquids and gases or in hangars, where a simple sprinkler system may not be enough to prevent disaster.

Places that store flammable liquid in outside storage or a warehouse can benefit from a foam system, as can both truck and rail flammable liquid loading racks. Foam fire protection systems are also commonly found in aircraft hangars, petrochemical-related businesses, and the oil and gas industry.

Loading facilities and large warehouses also benefit from the flexibility of a high expansion foam system for fire protection. This is especially true if the storage area is piled high. A large open area allows a fire to spread quickly and if there is a large amount of merchandise in the area, it provides even more surfaces to help the fire spread quickly.

When you choose a high expansion foam system for fire protection, it’s important to choose the right company to install your system. Experience is important since your system needs to conform to industry standards while providing maximum protection for your business. Consider an industry leader, such as CrownFire, that will include a hazard analysis, training, equipment, management, and scheduling in their customized fire protection plan.

Along with consulting with the local fire jurisdiction and the insurance underwriter, CrownFire goes a step further by analyzing the location’s specific environmental and physical conditions and how those will impact how a fire will behave in the area. Fire protection isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation so it’s important to find the right consultant for your business’s unique fire protection needs. It’s key to consult with an experienced company that has a proven track record saving both property and lives.

If you work with flammable or combustible materials or have a large open area, consider high expansion foam systems for fast fire protection.


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