Fire Protection Jobs

Have you ever considered a career in the fire protection industry? Fire protection jobs in Toronto are essential. These are the ones who ensure businesses are safe and following building codes for fire safety. They are the people who install the mechanisms that can save lives.

CrownFire is proudly owned and operated in Canada. We are the leader in the fire protection industry across the country. Since 1978, CrownFire is focused on providing high-quality service to every client that walks through our doors. We follow world-class health and safety programs to ensure that not only our customers are safe, but so too are our employees.

CrownFire is committed to every employee. As much as we support our customers in every way, we want to support our staff as well. We are available every step of the way to ensure you have all the training you need to complete your job successfully.

We pride ourselves in offering our employees a competitive wage and benefits. With many of our positions, we provide a company vehicle or a vehicle allowance. On top of that, you have access to a company gas card and a company phone.

Working with CrownFire is not just a job, it is a life path of health, safety and saving lives. You will be working alongside our team to ensure the highest standard of fire protection goes to every client we serve. Join our team today and see why CrownFire is the first choice for all fire safety needs.

CFAA Fire Alarm Technician

Fire alarms are vital in alerting people of a fire. Without them, by the time someone notices a fire, it could already be too late. Our CFAA Fire Alarm Technicians are there to guarantee that doesn’t happen. With regular inspections and service calls, you ensure the system can do its job correctly.

Here is more information about our CFAA Fire Alarm Technician position.

Fire Extinguisher Technician

Fire extinguishers can be the first line of defence if  a fire broke out. They have the power to prevent a small fires from turning into a devastating disaster. As a CrownFire Fire Extinguisher Technician, it is your job to ensure the fire equipment that can save a life properly functions.

Here is more information about our Fire Extinguisher Technician position.

Kitchen Hood Fire System Technician

In places like restaurants that have large kitchens, it is easy for a fire to break out. Because these types of kitchens serve many people at one time, one small fire could put many lives at risk. As a CrownFire Kitchen Hood Fire System Technician, you are there to ensure the system is correctly working to prevent a fire.

Here is more information about our Kitchen Hood Fire System Technician position.

Sales Professional

A CrownFire Sales Professional is one of the first things our customers are introduced to. You are there to build a relationship with potential clients, as well as make our current ones feel at home. You are the face of the company that helps us keep growing and push further into the fire protection industry.

Here is more information about our Sales Professional position.