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Advantages of Novec 1230 Suppression Systems

If you’re looking for the right fire protection for your computers and other delicate equipment, consider installing a Novec 1230 suppression system service.

What is Novec™ 1230?

Novec 1230 fire protection fluid is an alternative to hydroflurocarbon (HFC) that will quickly and cleanly stop fires in their tracks. It works by absorbing the heat of the fire without damaging any product in the area of the fire. Since Novec 1230 doesn’t use water, it won’t leave behind any water damage.

As a fire suppressant, Novec 1230 is designed to smother a fire before it has a chance to spread, potentially saving your business thousands of dollars in electrical equipment. Novec 1230 is applied as a gas but becomes liquid when at room temperature so it can be used in a system that uses streaming or flooding. It can also be used in systems designed for inerting or to suppress explosions.

Novec 1230 evaporates more than 50 times faster than water and extinguishes fires twice as quickly as carbon dioxide and inert gases. It also poses a low risk for your employees since it has a low toxicity rating.

Where to Install a Novec 1230 Suppression System

Novec 1230 is a good choice for server rooms and control rooms since it won’t damage expensive or critical operations.

Under normal circumstances, you are left dealing with the damage from smoke and fire, along with water damage from the highly pressurized water from the fire department. When dealing with delicate and sensitive IT equipment, the water may do just as much damage, if not more, as the fire itself. You’re left with damaged equipment that needs replacement and the expense of having your systems down, inconveniencing both your employees and your customers. Consumers expect quick service and losing hours, and possibly days or weeks of service, to a fire can damage your business’s reputation and its bottom line.

Other Advantages of a Novec 1230 Suppression System

When your Novec 1230 suppression system needs service, you’ll discover one of the fantastic secrets concerning this system. When it needs a refill, the refill can be done onsite. This eliminates the time and money involved in disconnecting and transporting cylinders for refill. Keeping in mind that any cylinders filled with inert gases, as used in many fire suppression systems, need to be transported by an approved driver who can legally transport a certain number of cylinders at a time. Even when offered free inert gas refills, you should consider the hidden costs of keeping your system filled.

In addition to avoiding increased downtime and equipment damage, Novec also lets you continue working with minimal disruption. Sensitive equipment won’t be damaged, saving you the time of sourcing and reprogramming replacements. Employees can resume their duties quickly and your business can get back to work.

The Novec 1230 fire suppression system offers substantial benefits, especially for computer rooms, control rooms, and other areas with expensive and delicate equipment. A Novec 1230 suppression system also offers benefits when the cost of service is compared to inert gas suppression systems.


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