Presidents Message

Let’s face it, the last thing you want to do is find out that the fire protection company you have chosen has just shown up at the property you’re responsible for and, they never reported or explained to your staff who they are, or why they are there. The technician has their hat on backwards with no uniform or identification badge, wears pants down to their knees, appears unorganized and seems to be in a hurry to get the job over with and leave. When they do leave, they don’t explain what they’ve done or never went through any deficiencies with your staff. Then, you find out the results three months later when the company gets back to you, and you still don’t have your certificate of compliance. This happens every day, but not with us. Let us help you! At the end of the day, you want things done right and you don’t want to live with a preventable mistake.

CrownFire is one of the best fire protection companies in Ontario because we love what we do; we want you to feel positive and comfortable about your fire protection company. Having a relationship built on trust and reliability is what makes me proud; we will go the extra mile for you. We perform annual inspections, repairs, complete installations and service of fire protection equipment for institutional, commercial, industrial and residential property. Let us join your team.

We are 100% Canadian-owned and have two offices in southern Ontario; one located in Vaughan and the other in Brantford where I proudly grew up. To help with service, we have over 20 fully stocked mobile vehicles across southern Ontario to give you the great service you require.

We have committed ourselves to the preservation of life and property through the inspection, installation, maintenance and service of fire protection systems. Our experience and unparalleled knowledge of the fire protection industry enables us to offer top quality, professional service with reasonable pricing to all of our clients – all with 24-hour on-call service, seven days a week.

Give us a call; let us get you the answers and service you need. When you sign up with CrownFire you’ll never look back. 1 (877) 243-9664

Yours Truly

Kelly Davis, CEO, CrownFire