CrownFire has a Strong History


CrownFire’s owners have been in the fire protection business since approximately 1978. Starting as Cronin Fire Equipment, our staff take pride in knowing they have protected millions of people’s lives, jobs, property and business, and we sleep well knowing that we do the best job for our customers.

Proudly Canadian Owned and Operated

CrownFire is a national leader in the Canadian fire protection industry and we take pride in our community and nation.

World-class Health and Safety Program

CrownFire has developed, and follows a world-class health and safety program that defines our expectations and provides guidance on how to execute our tasks in a safe and productive manner.

Standard for Excellence

CrownFire supports the standard for excellence developed with its customers, suppliers and with our team as a whole.


CrownFire is proactively committed towards competency, not only in our technology but also with our sales and marketing efforts and our suppliers.