Being a part of a team and working with experts

We are long-time and proud members of different associations such as NAFED, CFAA and the NFPA. We have adopted their ethics and promoted their dedication to our industry.






The introduction of new building materials, methods, and techniques changes the ways in which fire behaves. These changes have the potential to negatively impact buildings, their occupants, fire fighters and other first responders, and the environment.

Throughout its many projects and programs, NFPA strives to maintain a focus on the economic, societal, and environmental issues of fire while also seeking to address sustainability initiatives that will ensure the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.



Code of Ethics

CrownFire, as active members of the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors, recognizes that the products and services we provide have a significant impact on the quality of life for the entire public. As we perform our services, we will demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, personal integrity, and competence. Accordingly, we adhere to the NAFED’s Code of Ethics, which states:

  1. We will fulfill our obligations to our clients in an efficient and competent manner and with complete honesty.
  2. We undertake to provide only those services for which we are competent by way of education, training, and experience.
  3. We strive to maintain our proficiency by a process of continually updating our knowledge and skills.
  4. We strive to adhere to all established codes and standards relevant to the products and services we provide. We do not attempt to misuse codes and standards, or the process by which these codes and standards are created.
  5. We strive to follow all instructions established by the manufacturers of the equipment we provide or service.
  6. We will analyze the needs of our clients completely and professionally, and make honest recommendations to fulfill those needs based on all available information.
  7. We strive to warn of any condition we notice that may affect the safety, health, and well-being of our clients, their property, and their employees.
  8. We will keep confidential and will not misuse the proprietary business information and trade secrets of our clients.
  9. We will conduct ourselves in a dignified and professional manner. We will admit and accept our own errors when proven wrong. We will not distort or alter the facts in an attempt to justify our decisions.
  10. We recognize that we are invited into our clients’ facilities and will conduct ourselves in a safe and professional manner. We will treat our clients’ goods and property with the highest regard.



CFAA Code of Ethics

Each Canadian Fire Alarm Association Member and Registered Technician shall:

  1. Be dedicated to safety of the public from fire, in all aspects of their fire alarm work;
  2. Adhere to all applicable fire alarm codes, standards, and by-laws in all areas of fire protection
    including design, manufacture, application, installation, verification, maintenance servicing and
    promotion of fire alarm systems;
  3. Only perform fire alarm services for which they have qualification and experience;
  4. Be honest and truthful in all dealings;
  5. Behave in a manner that upholds the principles and integrity of the Canadian Fire Alarm Association;
  6. Support the education of industry participants concerning advances in life safety and fire alarm;
  7. Promote the goals and objectives of the Canadian Fire Alarm Association, and both refrain from and discourage others from the misuse of its name and logo.